Shearing Sheds

SSample floor plans

2 Stand Flat Floor plan

3 Stand Raised Floor plan

4 Stand Curved Floor plan

Contact us to discuss your shearing and wool shed needs.

Eco Enterac has been manufacturing Shearing Sheds and equipment since 1976.

Peter and Col have continued with designing, manufacturing and erecting shearing sheds, since 1996, from 2 stand through to 8 stand sheds.

If you would like more information on our Straight Flat, Raised Board and Curved Board Shearing Sheds, contact Peter Sweeney to discuss your ideas.


Shed features


Front fill penning system

Designed to make the flow of sheep easier into the catching pen.

Slope catch pens

Slope Catch Pens

Catch pen floor rises 0.150mm at the rear. The sheep naturally face up the slope, therefore the shearer can utilise the slope of the pen and drag the sheep in the direction of the grating.

Recessed Sheep Chutes

Recessed Chutes

The floor is cut back into the board so that the sheep is already moving down the chute before its head enters. Eliminating the tussle that can occur between shearer and reluctant sheep.

Natural Light

Natural Lighting

Poly Carbonate Clear sheeting is used in the end Gables or side walls depending on orientation of the shed to take full advantage of natural light.

Shed Accessories


portable wool bin

Portable wool bin

stationary wool bin

Wool bins

Adjustable Loading Ramp

Adjustable loading ramp

Full Concrete Entry Ramp

Sheep Entry Ramp

(Pictured is Full Concrete)

Full Steel Wool Stage

Steel Wool Stage