Ag Products

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Hay Feeders

  • Fold back roof
  • Folded metal feed trough
  • Under carriage skids for transport
  • 4 foot Long – 2 Bales
  • 8 foot Long – 6 Bales 


Grain Feeders

Cattle Grain FeederUnder carriage skids are attached to a full steel frame of angle iron for added support so to prevent the under carriage from rusting and tearing away from the bin. There are walkways on the sides and the lid folds back for ease of filling and protection. They also include adjustable chokes to regulate feed.

Wheat Capacity Oats Capacity Size
2.85 tonne 1.5ltr 2400 (8')
4.3 tonne 2.26 ltr 3600 (12')
5.7 tone 3.00ltr 4800 (16')

Note: All capacities shown are with chokes closed 


Stock Grids

Stock YardsAll stock grids consist of 200 x 100 RHS Bearers, 125 x 75 RHS Joists and 65 x 65 RHS Top rail.

Side wings are optional.

Standard Stock Grid (.600Kg) Heavy Duty Stock Grid (.700Kg)
3mt (10”) wide x 2mtr (6’6”) 4mtr (13”) x 2mtr (6’6”)